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The word MARCH in Cambridge Dictionary means to walk with regular steps of equal length. If you March, you walk quickly with purpose and determination.

This month of March, it’s a month for you to get up and take charge. Move swiftly towards your goals, your dreams and projects that you have in mind or have started. It’s already the 3rd month in the year 2017; by 31st it will be end of first quarter of the year. Time indeed waits for no one.

See the underlined words, those should be your drive this month, make regular steps no matter how little they are, it’s the consistency that matters, move with purpose towards you goal, anything that’s not in line towards your goal do away with those and be determined. No shaking, No swaying, No looking back. MARCH ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Further More, March Welcomes Spring

March 20th is the official first day of Spring and we are welcoming the season that follows Winter and precedes Summer with open arms! We love this season of longer days and blooming flowers.

Spring Break is finally here!  For one week in the Spring students are given a much anticipated week-long vacation.  This is the perfect chance for students and their families to enjoy things during the week that they usually don’t have time for, or visit places that are less crowded on a weekday

Flowers are in bloom.  There’s something about fresh blossoming flowers on a tree lined street or peeking out of a field of grass that makes us happy.  Thanks to Spring showers, we get beautiful flowers during this temperate season.

In Fashion, the trend takes on unabashedly feminine clothes are commanding, comfortable, and very, very cool. Styles that are chic and comfortable. Colors like Blush Pink and neutral are trending this season. A lot of flowery prints are the other of day. The Balloon, Trumpet and bell sleeves are still trending as well as the frails dress or skirt. Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are on too.

2017-03-01 13.49.35.png
Plus Blush rose top.jpg

Here are some of the styles, patterns and prints you can add to your wardrobe these Spring Season. Check for more of the styles and for the off-the-shoulder top.