We're happy to welcome spring with open arms, but the weather forecast still suggests that a cover-up is still needed especially with fluctuating weather in Texas from Rainy to windy and then Sunny.

I like to keep a light bomber jacket or scarf in the car for change of weather.

Since Easter Season is here now, a lot of us are planning to attend church on Sunday, some on Friday and lots of outing these weekend.

First, what is Easter all about?

Easter is the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. He died so that we can live. Death would have been the punishment for our sins but God sent His only begotten son to die in place of our punishment. Jesus accepted that responsibility; he was beaten, bruised and nailed to the cross which is referred to as Good Friday but He didn’t stay in the grave. He rose again on the third day to redeem us back to himself. So, we celebrate his resurrection on Easter Sunday  

Easter Sunday is a little like Christmas Day in the sense that you can afford to wear something a little jazzier than you might usually. We recommend a chic style for the Easter celebration considering, the weather and after church visiting celebrations.

Mostly, there are usually dinning, parties and family celebrations after church service on Easter Sunday just like Christmas so, it is recommended to wear something that you are comfortable in with a great outstanding stylish chic look.

Here are some suggested looks.


Stylist: @jokotadeshow, @awedbymoni, 

Garments: Attolle'Clothiers---www.attolleclothiers.com

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